Top Male Sex Toys

top male sex toys

It’s time for men to have more fun in the bedroom. Thanks to innovative brains from all over the world, there are toys now available that will help you instigate a fuck like never before. Whether you’re flying solo, in a heterosexual relationship or just want to crank up your self-pleasure session with a friend, there’s something for every man’s pleasure needs. From cock rings to stroking simulators (and even a few fleshlights for the traditionalists), here are the top male sex toys that will bring out your best orgasms.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The vast majority of male sex toys are designed to stimulate the penis or testicles, though there are also those fashioned to be shoved up your ass (with lube, of course). Some models have a fixed shape that’s made for stimulating a specific part of the body, while others are flexible and can be inserted into various positions. Some have internal channels for multiple types of stimulation, while others are simply a shaft with an orgasmic insertable head.

Some of the most effective men’s masturbation devices are actually sleeve-shaped, like the Lynk Pleasure TOUCH. Suitable for a range of sizes, this masturbation sleeve features a ribbed canal that stimulates as you move it. It’s perfect for beginners and stamina trainers alike, and it has enough functions to keep you occupied for a while.

You can also get a similar sensation from a sleeve-shaped stroker that can fit over your own shaft, such as the Tenga Flip Zero EV. This model looks more like a piece of futuristic technology than a sex toy, but it’s equipped with dual vibrating cores that can deliver intense variations of pleasure. It’s also made of smooth, slick silicone that feels fantastic against the skin, and it’s latex-free for those with sensitivities.

A prostate toy can be an exciting sex tool for men, and a few manufacturers have worked hard to tame these blunt implements into sleek, discreet toys. The We-Vibe Vector, for instance, has a double motor that allows you to target the prostate and perineum, and it’s designed to stay discreet. The nJoy Pure Wand is another prostate toy that can be used as a g-spot stimulator, too.

Considering the fact that men typically masturbate 140 times a year (compared to 53 for women), it’s not a surprise that more and more male pleasure toys are on the market. They’re a great way to boost your pleasure game in the bedroom and give you something new and exciting to do with your partner. And as the cultural conversation about men’s sexuality continues to evolve, so too will the tools we use to enhance our self-pleasure.

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