How to Choose the Best Masturbation Toy

best masturbation toy

When picking out a masturbation toy, it’s important to consider the type of stimulation you prefer and the toy’s size. Some toy designs have a unique texture, others are designed to be discreet, and some come with vibrating options that let you control the intensity of your play. It’s also good to think about the toy’s power source and how it’s easy to clean. Finally, you’ll want to consider whether or not a toy has any special features like VR hookups, remote control, or sexy animations to get the job done even more efficiently.

Male masturbators are a fun and exciting way to increase stamina, achieve stronger erections, and explore new clitural sensations. There are plenty of options on the market, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types before choosing one. The best male masturbator for you will depend on a variety of factors, including size, texture, and shape.

Some of the most popular male masturbators are made from a variety of materials, and many feature multiple textures for a more realistic feel. They are also usually shaped to resemble an orifice and can be used with a range of lubricants for added pleasure. The Kiiroo Keon is a great choice for guys looking for an ergonomically-designed masturbator. Its textured sleeves, app control, and FeelTech compatibility make it perfect for men who love to masturbate alone or with a partner. The Keon also comes with a shower mount, launchpad, phone strap, and Vstroker to maximize your experience.

Other male masturbators are shaped to mimic the feeling of oral sex. The Tenga Flip Zero EV is a high-tech masturbation toy that looks straight out of Star Trek, and features dual vibrating cores capable of multiple modes. Its snug 0.5-inch-diameter orifice and sleeve texture create a satisfying and realistic sensation, and the toy is also available in an extended version for guys with bigger orifices.

Another fun option is the Orgasmatron from sex toy maker Smiler. This toy uses patented Pleasure Air technology to suck, tease, and stimulate your shaft for a unique masturbation experience. It has multiple intensity levels, a smart-silence mode for discreet use, and is fully waterproof for shower play.

There are also a number of male masturbators with unique sexy animations to enhance your performance in the bedroom. Some toys will spin, pulsate, and flash to add excitement. Others have unique shapes to target the clitoris, nipples, and labia. The Fun Factory Volta is a good example of a sex toy that combines the fluttering action of a shadow puppet with a unique, curved design to target multiple areas.

Some male masturbators offer additional ways to enjoy your masturbation, like VR hookups and remote control for partner play. The Fleshlight Stamina can even increase your erection size and allow you to perform sexy 3D strokes. Other toys will squirt water-based lube, and others have unique app integrations that sync to music or porn videos for a more immersive experience. Some toys, such as the clit massager from Kiiroo, will even let you share control with a partner for a sexy virtual reality experience.

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