Hands Free Masturbators

hands free masturbators

Hands free masturbators are toys designed to let you indulge in the sensation of self-masturbation without touching yourself. Many of these devices also have features that can make the experience even more intense and arousing. They might come with touch-sensitive control interfaces, wireless remote controls, smart phone apps, motion sensors and internal noodles to add stimulation. Some are even able to be controlled by another person from anywhere in the world. It is a great way to have mutual play with a lover even if you don’t live together.

While a manual masturbator might feel fun at first, it can quickly become boring and tedious. Using a hands free masturbator can help to build stamina and increase the pleasure you get from masturbating. These toys are often made of a smooth, soft material such as silicone or TPE. These materials are usually meticulously selected to create a pleasurable sensation and to be easy on the skin. Many of these toys are made to be used with a generous amount of lube, which can help reduce friction between the masturbator and your penis, resulting in more powerful thrusts. Using a lubricant will also help to create more orgasms, especially if the masturbator is equipped with internal noodles that provide more stimulation.

If you want to add a little spice to your masturbation sessions then there are even devices that can be synced to music. One example is the LELO F1s V2 which can add a range of vibration modes and pulsating patterns that can be controlled by its touchscreen and mobile app. It can also be used with virtual reality porn to give you the full effect of being in a scene with a partner or solo.

A lot of these hands-free masturbators are water-proof, making them ideal for use in the bath or shower. Some, like the Cal Exotics Apollo Hydro Power Stroker, have 30 different functions that you can choose from including pulsating patterns and vibration speeds. You might find it hard to keep track of all these options, so some of them are designed with a memory chip function that will remember your favorite setting.

You can even get a hands-free masturbator that slips onto your member, like the Hot Octopuss Cobra. This sexy sleek toy has multiple vibration settings and is very easy to use, making it perfect for beginners. It is small enough that you can hide it away if you need to be discreet, but it can still offer some amazing sensations when in the right position.

Many hands-free masturbators can be used for couple kinks as well, as long as both of you have the same toy. You can even explore interactive LDR play if you find a toy that is compatible with other toys from the same manufacturer. The Kiiroo Titan, for example, can be combined with other sex toys to create a variety of sensations. It is also fully waterproof and can be remotely controlled.

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