Top Male Sex Toys For Men of All Ages

top male sex toys

The best male sex toys will unlock new levels of pleasure for men of all ages. From vibrators that target penises and prostates to wearable cock rings and remote-controlled toys, the options are endless. To find the top toys that are sure to satisfy, we spoke with 17 experts, including sex-shop owners and employees, sex educators, sex therapists, and sex coaches. They weighed in on their favorite toys for solo masturbation, couple-play, and exploring unexplored kinks and fetishes. We found the coolest sex toys to try that are worth every pennyโ€”and some that will save you cash.

We’ve all heard of the Fleshlight, which is a great toy for masturbation that has many upgrades and options. One of our favorite picks is the Quickshot Vantage, which is half as big as a Fleshlight but still has divets and textures to stimulate your prostate and G-spot. Plus, it’s clear so you can rinse it with warm water or cleaning liquid and let it dry quickly after use.

Another favorite toy is the Flip Zero from Tenga, which features a curved sleeve that’s lined with a smooth, textured pre-lubed surface and a ridge wall further up for extra stimulation. This stroker is perfect for stroking alone or with a partner. And it’s fully customizable for heart-warming tremors and ground-shaking pulsations, so you can get exactly what turns you on.

Penis and anal toys are also hugely popular among our experts, including sex therapists, sex shop owners, and sex podcasters. “Penis and anal toys can increase arousal, enhance pleasure, and make sexual exploration more fun,” says Todd Baratz, a sex educator and sex coach. “Stimulating your cock and your anus can make masturbation more fun and help you stay sexually satisfied longer.”

If you’re looking for a penis-targeting toy that also provides orgasmic throbbing, look no further than the Tracey’s Edge, which is a handheld cylinder with a bulb for targeted orgasmic stimulation on the shaft, frenulum, and prostate. This toy is easy to clean and is also great for hands-free masturbation.

Lovehoney’s warming pulsating masturbator is a must-have for any guy who wants to feel his anal slathered in warm, pulsating sensations. And since this sleeve is open at both ends, it’s easier to get a grip on than strokers that are designed for just one end.

The nJoy Pure Wand from Lovehoney is another great toy for anal stimulation. With six settings for vibration paired with pulsation, this male vibrator can take you from mild trembling to orgasmic throbbing in no time. Plus, it’s waterproof for easy cleanup after use and is a perfect sex toy to use with your partner. The soft, stretchy silicone tubing is also a comfortable and pleasurable touchpoint that feels like your anal. It even has a suction cup on the tip for added stimulation and arousal.

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