How to Use a Hands Free Masturbator

A hands free masturbator is a male sex toy that automatically strokes the penis without the user’s intervention, and can be used for either solo or partnered pleasure. Usually, this type of male masturbation device features a skin-like or body-safe sleeve and shaft-accommodating canal that carries textures and vibrating motors. The sleeve can also be shaped to suit the users’ individual pleasure preferences, and some even come with a range of climax-inducing features like suction cups, rotating heads and dildo attachment points.

While it may seem like a simple tool, a hands free masturbator is often a complex and sophisticated sex toy that requires some time and practice to master. To ensure a successful experience, the user should make sure they are relaxed and comfortable, and that they are fully aroused before starting. This will allow them to focus on the sensations, and it will also help prevent them from being distracted or overwhelmed by other stimuli that can interfere with their enjoyment. It is also important to remember that the sleeve should not be touched with dirty fingers, as this could lead to irritation and pain.

If you’re a newbie, or are just a little unsure of how to use a hands free masturbator properly, you can always ask a trusted partner for advice. They will be able to guide you through the different features and functions, and offer some helpful tips on how to enjoy your new toy to the fullest. They may even recommend a few tricks and techniques that they have discovered to enhance the pleasure, such as using their tongue to get the most out of the experience, or incorporating the toy into oral stimulation sessions with their partner.

Hands free masturbators are also great to have on hand for those times when you don’t have access to a partner and want to satisfy yourself. They can be used alone, and many people find that the extra independence can add a whole new level of pleasure to their experience. However, before you start using a hands free masturbator, it’s a good idea to talk about the expectations and boundaries with your partner to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

In addition to a hands free masturbator, there are also a range of other toys that can be used for masturbation. Some men prefer to use vibrators that go in their underwear or cock rings, while others opt for remote controlled vibrators. Others might want to try dildos that can be held between the fingers, or try water play. Whatever you choose to do, be sure that it is safe and bodysafe, and that it is of the proper size for your clitoris.

If you’re ready to discover the power of a hands free masturbator, check out our full selection of unique devices today. Each is designed for optimum male pleasure and can be found in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your preferences. Some are also compatible with other sex toys, allowing you to cross-play and expand your pleasure experiences, or even share them with a loved one.

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