The Best Sex Toys For Guys

best sex toys for guys

There are a lot of different types of sex toys for guys out there, and it can be hard to know where to start. Some are more affordable than others, but they all offer an orgasmic experience that can be used with your partner or solo.

The best sex toys for guys come in three primary forms: masturbation sleeves (aka male strokers), sex toys for couples that enhance the experience with your partner, and wearable stimulators for on-the-go fun. Within these categories are dozens of variations, like butt plugs, oral sex simulators, and vibrating prostate massagers that can stimulate your penis or clit in an earth-shattering way.

Masturbation Sleeves/Male Strokers

The most popular of all sex toys, a male stroker is an essential for every bedroom arsenal. These versatile tools can be used to enliven a vaginal or anal session and can easily be paired with anal lube to help create a stronger erection.

“Male sex toys that contain a motorized brush or vibrating wand are a great addition to any masturbation kit,” says Courtney Geter, LMFT-S, CST, a certified sex therapist. She recommends the MANTA Vibrating Stroker from Fun Factory, which is one of the most innovative sex toys for men on the market. It fits around the shaft for your stroking pleasure and includes ridges that hold lube to keep you gliding along.

Sex Toys for Men that Enhance the Experience With Your Partner

A sex toy that can add an extra dimension to your play time is a nipple teaser, which can be used with or without a partner. These nipple teasers have rubber tips that are easy to remove depending on how much pressure you want, and there are adjustable tension controls so you don’t hurt yourself while trying something new.

Another sex toy that’s becoming increasingly popular is a cock ring, which is worn around the base of your penis. These products are used to halt premature ejaculation and make erections stronger by enhancing blood flow.

Some cock rings are more comfortable than others, and these ones from Lovehoney have a soft-touch silicone material that’s not going to irritate you. Plus, they’re textured for penetrative sex and have nubs to stimulate your partner’s balls for a more pleasurable play session.

If you’re looking for a sex toy that can last longer and keep you harder in bed, this set of three differently sized cock rings from Lovehoney is the answer. They’re rechargeable and feature a textured surface that can feel even better if you use them with your partner.

Prostate Massagers for a Felt-Good Stimulation

A sex therapist and author of The Sexology of the Men’s Body, Marla Renee Stewart, M.A., explains that men with penises can enjoy a more intense orgasm by stimulating the prostate. “The prostate is a key location for the brain to trigger a sense of pleasure, whether that’s with a partner or alone,” she says.

The High Roller is a waterproof and submersible prostate massager that uses air pulse stimulation to stimulate your penile nerves. It comes with six vibration settings and a wireless remote control to adjust the intensity and speed. It’s also designed to stimulate your p-spot and improve stamina, so it’s a good choice for men who need a bit of a boost in the bedroom.

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