Top Male Sex Toys That Feel Better Than Ever

As more and more men embrace the pleasures of male masturbation, designers have been hard at work to create top male sex toys that feel better than ever. These new products range from erectile stimulators to anal massagers that target the prostate and male G spot to vibrating cock rings that can boost orgasms and enhance intercourse.

There are even hands-free blowjob gadgets that let you enjoy the sensations of a blown orgasm without having to use your hands at all. The best male masturbation toy that will work for you depends on your personal tastes and preferences, but all of these products are designed to deliver the ultimate in penile stimulation.

One of the most popular new sex toys for men, this erectile stimulator from Lovehoney features an insertable sleeve with a series of bumps, ridges and nodules lining its interior that are textured to resemble real skin. The flip design of the sleeve lets you open it up, apply just the right amount of lube and then close it up for hands-free masturbation that feels like it’s all happening inside your own body.

Another one of our top sex toys for men, this prostate massager is ideal for solo masturbation or adding to partnered play. It’s also great for enhancing anal stimulation as it targets the male G spot and prostate for orgasms that aren’t possible with penis masturbation alone. The Trident prostate massager is a favorite among guys because it comes with a bullet-shaped vibrator that massages your perineum for double pleasure.

If you want to take your prostate orgasms to the next level, try out this high-tech cock stimulator that uses artificial intelligence to mimic your partner’s oral reflexes and climaxes while you stoke your dick with 10 different speeds of arousal. The Autoblow also connects to your WiFi and allows you to download a library of blowjob presets created by master masturbators. This device does require an electrical outlet to operate, so if you plan on taking it with you to a party or other outing, make sure you bring a power cord with you.

Cock rings are flexible rubber or silicone circular aids that wrap around the base of your penis to restrict blood flow and help maintain an erection and prevent premature ejaculation. The new dynamic cock rings from Lovehoney are made from medical-grade silicon and feature a bullet-shaped vibrator that adds extra sensation to the cock. This male sex toy can be used by itself or with a sex toy as it connects to your phone via an app for remote control and has a battery that lasts up to 1 hour on a charge.

Unlike some of the more exotic sex toys for men, this male masturbation toy from Kiiro doesn’t come with any fancy bells or whistles and is designed simply to get the job done. It’s compatible with any cock ring and can be used by itself or synced to 2D and VR videos via its FeelConnect app for added interactivity.

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