Male Sex Toys Boost Your Anal Pleasure

Male sex toys have gotten more mainstream over the years and are used by people of all shapes, sizes and sexual persuasions. Whether you’re straight, gay, bi, or a little bit of everything, sex toys can boost your anal pleasure and add a whole new level to masturbation, erotica and even sex with your partner. Luckily, today’s gadgets are not only discreet and easy to use but also come with a variety of features that will please your senses.

You’ll be blown away by the range of sensations you can feel with a male sex toy. For example, a prostate massager (also known as a “g spot”) stimulates the nerve-ending-packed pleasure center at the base of your penis to produce orgasms that will leave you shaking, toe-curling and moaning. You can choose from vibrating prostate massagers that send soothing vibrations to your P-spot or manual prostate toys that let you twitch and squeeze your muscles with your hands. Both are capable of producing some mind-blowing Super Orgasms, but some muscle training is required.

Another type of sex toy is the penis sleeve, which is like a tube with an opening for your cock and bumps or grooves inside to stimulate the shaft and perineum. Some are ribbed, and others have motors that move up and down to increase the pleasure while you stroke. There are hundreds of different penis sleeves on the market, and innovative brains from all over the world are working hard to make more.

A sleeve is perfect for a guy looking to get more pleasure during masturbation alone, and many guys use them with a partner as part of a fantasy. However, it’s important to choose a sleeve that fits your size, and to have a good lubricant on hand. A water-based lubricant won’t work with most toys, but a silicone or saxophone-scented lube will enhance your experience.

There are also many toys designed to elevate heterosexual sex, such as anal expanders and cock rings that will add intensity to your orgasms. Moreover, these toys can help you overcome certain medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction and genital arousal disorders caused by medication, health problems or menopause.

When choosing a male sex toy, think about the kind of pleasure you want — a prostate massager will be great for solo or partnered masturbation, while a cock ring is best if you’re looking to increase anal stimulation during foreplay or oral sex. Additionally, it’s a good idea to buy a couple of sex toys from the same brand for compatibility, since some are only compatible with other products from the same line. If you’re new to the scene, you can check out our complete guide on sex toys for men for more inspiration. And don’t forget to shop the latest sexy deals on Snapdeal.

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