Choosing a Male Stroker Sex Toy

Male stroker sex toys, also known as penis sleeves or masturbators, can be used alone or with a partner for stimulation of the tip of the penis and shaft. These masturbation toys can be a little intimidating for some people, but they’re actually quite easy to use and provide an intense feeling of pleasure that can increase orgasm.

Most men’s strokers are a hollow tunnel or sleeve that has a highly textured inside, which can be abrasive or smooth. They can be inserted directly into the shaft of the penis to be used as a masturbator or held by the hand and moved up and down to stimulate the entire length of the penis. Some have features like vibration, heat and twitching, or a motor to add extra stimulation to the experience.

When choosing a male stroker, it’s important to consider what type of texture is best and whether it will work well with the type of lubricant you like. You can also find strokers that have ridges along the inside of the head, which help to retain lubricant. A textured masturbator is more likely to be compatible with water-based lubes than non-textured ones.

While the most popular strokers are abrasive and can provide an intense experience for some people, not everyone will enjoy this type of sensation. The good news is that there are plenty of softer options, including the Tenga Air Tech Reusable Sleeve and the Satisfyer Men’s Classic, both of which feature a soft ribbed inner sleeve made from Cyberskin. These are both great options for beginners or those who want to ease into strokers.

If you’re new to strokers, experts recommend starting with a more affordable model before moving on to pricier brands. For example, the Arcwave Voy stroker is less complicated than the brand’s fancy Pleasure Air models and can still be a good buy at under $10. Experts recommend testing out the stroker for comfort and figuring out how it feels with different pressures, speeds and directions.

One of the most innovative strokers on the market is the Manta, which is designed to be used with or without a partner and can even be used for oral sex or penetrating play. This unique toy can be filled with a favorite lube and then held around the penis for stimulation of the head, neck and anal area. The wings of the Manta are molded to bend and flex around the shaft of the penis, which creates added sensation. It’s also a great way to intensify a BJ session.

The other big plus to strokers is that they’re easy to clean. Just make sure to use a gentle cleaner that won’t harm the material or leave a residue. It’s also recommended to store strokers in a case that securely closes or has velcro to avoid picking up any bacteria from other playthings. For more tips on using a stroker and keeping it clean, check out our How to Use a Male Stroker blog post.

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