Best Sex Toys for Guys

There’s a new breed of sex toys on the market that’s changing how guys experience their genitalia. From high-tech masturbation sleeves to sophisticated toys that elevate intimacy with a partner, brands are making sexy options accessible to anyone looking for a boost.

Best Sex Toys for Men: Pick Your Favorite

Whether you’re in a relationship or just need a way to spice things up, there’s something out there that will suit your needs. From handheld artificial vaginas and anus sleeves to sophisticated strokers, these sex toys for guys will satisfy your most intimate needs and help you enjoy every sexual moment.

Handheld Masturbation Sleeves

One of the most popular sex toys around, these handheld sleeve-like devices can be slipped over the penis to simulate the feel of masturbating in a vagina or anus. They’re easy to use, discreet and perfect for beginners or those who don’t like a big, bulky sex toy.

Stroker Toys

Those who’ve been around the sex game for any length of time know that a stroker is a crucial tool for any serious masturbater. A good stroker will provide a variety of sensations, including rumbly vibrations that can stimulate the clit.

But a bad stroker can leave you feeling drained and irritated, so a quality sex toy is a must. Fortunately, many brands are making high-quality strokers that can stand up to intense masturbation and provide lasting satisfaction.

Some of these are also made specifically for lubrication, so you can enhance your pleasure with the right sex toy and lube combination. Some even come with a built-in Fleshlight or other attachment, so you can enjoy the full-body stimulation of masturbation without the hassle of carrying a heavy sex toy.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Male Masturbator

The pulse plate on this sex toy provides a gentle vibration to soothe and stimulate the clit. It’s great for anyone who wants to have some orgasms in their own home, because it’s a hands-free option that vibrates at various speeds and can be used whether your dick is erect or flaccid.

It’s also completely waterproof so you can take it on any water adventure.

Tenga Flip Zero EV

This Japanese sex toy looks like it’s straight out of Star Trek, but it’s actually a futuristic male masturbation toy that offers multiple vibration modes. It’s made with dual vibrating cores that offer a range of vibe speeds and patterns, and it can be pumped in different angles for a more personalized playtime experience.

Flexy Rings

Another sex toy for men with larger penises, these flexi-rings allow you to add or remove them according to your size. They’re a great way to increase the amount of stimulation you get, says Dr. Steven Snyder, a New York City-based sex therapist.

The ring is made from “a very soft, flexible material that’s excellent for penetration,” and it’s available in five different sizes to fit any size of dick. It’s also made from a material that’s compatible with lubrication, so it’s a great choice for those who want a less-expensive sex toy.

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