Automatic Penis Strokers For Men

Whether you’re a solo masturbator or a couple who loves to play, men can enhance their masturbation sessions with automatic penis strokers for heightened sensation. These sleeve-like toys fit around the shaft and glans of your penis to deliver a range of spine-tingling pleasures for both hands-free and penetrative masturbation. There are plenty of different styles to try, from a rudimentary hand-held stroker to an electric, canal-like model. Designed to be used with a good lubricant, these male masturbators are slick and easy to use.

Some male strokers feature a textured interior to stimulate the anal area while you stroke. Others have a flexible exterior that fits a variety of penis sizes and shapes, allowing you to customize your experience to fit your needs. Many male strokers are also available in a variety of materials, from phthalate-free Elastomer to porous silicone. They are easy to clean and should be stored in a sleeve or case to prevent the spread of bacteria.

From the classic pink Lady Fleshlight to a whole line of fleshlights molded from the butts and vulvas of pornstars, you’ll find plenty of state-of-the-art sex toys that promise to take your masturbation game to new heights. There’s even a male masturbator made from the body of adult film actress Stoya Destroya that looks (and feels) remarkably lifelike.

The best automatic penis strokers for men are slick, simple to use and offer a range of customizable pleasure features. From a touch-sensitive control panel to downloadable apps that let you play with your stroker from the comfort of your bed, there are plenty of ways to get more out of these hands-free masturbators.

For men who want to turn a solo masturbation session into an exciting adventure, there are even options that can simulate oral and penetrative sex in addition to a range of sensations to choose from. From precision-focused prostate massagers to orgasm-inducing glans strokers, there’s a sex toy out there for every guy.

A male stroker can be used with a variety of lubricants, but be sure to use a water-based lubricant for a silky-smooth feel. Using the right lubricant will help prevent friction and keep your penis moist for a longer duration of time, giving you more satisfaction with each stroke. Many sleeve-like models include a small sachet of lube for your convenience, but you can also buy your favorite brand to ensure you always have a stash on hand. And don’t forget to clean your stroker properly after each use, as it can harbor bacterial build-up. Most men find it easiest to simply put their stroker into a glass of warm water and shake it. You can also buy a special brush or toy cleanser to wipe down the surface with soap and water. Some strokers also have removable sleeves that can be removed for easier cleaning. Be sure to store your stroker with care, as it’s best kept in a clean case away from direct sunlight.

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