Top Male Sex Toys of 2018

Men’s sex toys are getting hotter than ever. And that’s not just because horny dudes have more pleasure tools at their disposal than ever before—although that’s certainly not a bad thing. It turns out that men have a lot of kinks to explore with self-pleasure toys, and they want to use them to tackle quick ejaculation, low libido, weak erections, and more. This is why male masturbation toys are on the rise, with innovative brains from all over the world working hard to create more powerful and pleasurable options.

There are tons of ways to get your hands on one of these male sex toys, and some of them are more discreet than others. For instance, the slick Hugo from LELO is a powerful orgasm-inducer for alone time that can also be used with a partner thanks to its remote control and curved design (the prostate is a major orgasm-inducing spot). If you’re a little less private and would prefer something smaller and more discreet, consider this stroker from TENUTO, which is small enough to fit in your palm and has two different motors (one in each tip) that are designed to stimulate the inside of the shaft and clitoris simultaneously.

Likewise, the funky Manta from Fun Factory is like nothing else on the market. This one-size-fits-all male masturbator is a wrench-like toy with a set of ridges for holding lube and a super sleek shape that fits all men’s penis dimensions and tightness preferences. It’s a great stamina trainer, a hands-free masturbator for couples, and a way for guys with mobility limitations to still have some serious penile stimulation. And with 20+ settings, it’s one of the most high-tech male masturbators to come out this year.

Another option for getting your hands on one of these awesome male masturbation toys is this suction-cup cock ring from Lynk Pleasure, which pulsates with 8 different modes, including clitoral, vibrator, and orgasm. And while it’s ideal for arousal with a partner, it’s also a fantastic tool to take with you on vacation or to work, because it’s compact enough to fit in your pocket and easy to hide from coworkers and neighbors.

And it’s not just for gay horny dudes: straight dudes are finally coming around to the idea of butt play. That’s because the cock and the prostate are nerve-ending-packed pleasure centers that, when stimulated, can lead to some of the biggest orgasms you’ll experience (hence their nicknames, the male G-spot and the “funny bone”).

Of course, not all sex toys for guys are about self-pleasure. Some are designed to elevate heterosexual sex as well, by stimulating both partners’ clitorises and penis heads during intercourse and foreplay. This is why many men with ED turn to these toys as a means of overcoming reduced sensitivity and getting orgasms even when they can’t or don’t want to hold an erection. Check out our list of the top sex toys for men with ED and see how you can enjoy your sex life to the fullest.

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