Kiiroo Keon male masturbator review

I tend not to buy toys twice if they have a second edition. After all, most of the time its just a color swap or something pretty irrelevant. The Realm Edition for the Onyx+ actually establishes itself as a worthy option in its own right that makes sense to pick up if you’re curious as to where VR porn has progressed and want a very functional toy at the same time. If you’ve bought an Onyx toy in the past and weren’t all that impressed by the sleeve, I’m happy to have learned that they’ve actually started to push the envelope with just how much pleasure comes from the sleeve itself versus the blowjob-style action of the toy. What makes the Realm Edition different besides a much improved white outer shell that has easier controls is the inclusion of a VR Shinecon headset. Just pop in any phone bigger than 5.5”’ long after syncing via the FeelConnect app and Bluetooth and you’re smooth sailing. The headset costs a full $50 on its own but only tacks on an extra $10 to the Onyx+, avoiding most VR-porn pitfalls by being a very affordable extra option. Thanks again for watching, don’t hesitate to leave any comments below, you never know what I might be able to clear up!

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