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Erection Problems and the Too-Hard Penis: Understanding Priapism

When taking into consideration erection problems, the first idea that occurs is normally a soft, drooping penis. Nonetheless, in many cases, the opposite issue might occur. A penis that remains tough for greater than 4 hrs can be a sign of non-ischemic priapism, a problem that requires medical focus.

Penis Rash: Likely Causes and Effective Remedies

Penis breakout can be triggered by a range of issues, ranging from bad health to sexually transmitted illness. Some common reasons as well as efficient remedies are explained below.

Some Medications May Cause a Bent Penis

A bent penis can be an obstacle for numerous guys, occasionally creating pain and also preventing effective sexual interaction. In some cases, medications may play a function in the curvature.

Penis Pain and Neurological Disorders: Understanding Dyaesthesia

Penis discomfort is something men will do practically anything to avoid. One of the most unpleasant forms of penis pain originates from dyaesthesia, the seriousness of which varies.

Penile Health and Wellness: When It’s Time to Talk to a Urologist

Regular examinations with a doctor are a vital part of a guy’s health as well as health. However when it involves penile wellness, it often pays to consult a specialist in the field. Learn more regarding when it’s ideal to seek advice from a urologist.

Avoiding a Sore Penis From a Male Chastity Cage

Some people might be taking into consideration using a male chastity cage as a way of checking out sex-related borders. Recognizing exactly how to avoid an aching penis can come in convenient.

Foot Fetish? Beware of Jock Itch

Jock itch is luckily not a major health issue, however it can be an actual inconvenience. Guy with a foot fetish might need to be cautious that they don’t contract it from a companion.

Itchy Penis: Was It the Lubricant or the Latex?

When a man has a scratchy penis after using a prophylactic, it may be that the condom is the wrongdoer – or it can be lube. Determining which is the resource identifies the solution to make use of.

Symptoms of Male Menopause – Causes and Treatment Options

Ladies aren’t the only ones that can experience menopause signs and symptoms. Male can struggle with age-related hormonal upheaval as well. Symptoms and also therapy choices for male menopause are the subject of this post.

Penis Rash From Shingles? It Happens

Good penis treatment is essential for preserving a guy’s favored body component in its finest condition. Not only is a healthy and balanced penis better positioned to perform at appropriate levels, yet it likewise often tends to be extra handsome and also enticing. As well as sine very first impressions are essential, a male intends to have a tool in his trousers that looks good as well as healthy and balanced – not one that is showing off an off-putting penis rash.

Penis Odor and the Diabetes Connection

Whew, penis odor can be a frustrating issue any type of guy! But it ends up that those with diabetes mellitus might have a special disposition to this issue.

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