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Are Erect Penis Problems and Osteoporosis Linked?

An upright penis is a big boost for a man sexually, yet could it suggest much healthier bone mass too? One research study sees a web link between weakening of bones as well as the upright penis.

Can Surgery Help Restore Penis Sensation?

When a male experiences a loss of penis sensitivity, he could search for anything to bring it back. Is surgical procedure an option for those men that wish to bring back penis experience?

When Penis Stretching Causes Penis Pain

Male that are concerned about the size of their penis might delight in penis extending in an effort to add size. In some instances, this can bring about some penis pain.

What Women Really Think About Penis Size

Also males with the most good-looking penis might question concerning their penis size. The excellent news is that females see penis size much in a different way than males do.

Penis Pain From a Torn Frenulum

No discomfort is enjoyable, but penis pain is something people especially desire to avoid. Be careful with the frenulum, as tearing it can trigger significant penis pain.

Everyday Solutions for Very Dry Penis Skin

When it involves penis troubles, very dry penis skin is one of the most common problems. Below’s what a man can do everyday to reduce the dryness.

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile disorder is one of those penis problems a guy will avoid whatsoever expenses. Below’s what might cause this trouble as well as just how a person can easily address it.

When an Itchy Penis Comes From a Super Fungus

Yeast infections are frequently considered a women’s issue, yet they are additionally typical amongst males and also can certainly be a penis wellness problem. In males, this infection is generally called thrush or candidiasis, as well as it can make for a really, really itchy penis. The term candidiasis comes from yeast, which is the fungus that creates this yeast infection.

A Small Penis: Some Advantages

In contrast to prominent belief, there are several advantages to having a little penis. Yet large or little, long term skill and wellness are a lot more important than dimension.

Small Penis Humiliation: What’s That?

Some men with a little penis obtain a sex-related turn-on by feeling embarrassment concerning the size of their body organ. Therefore do some men who are not so small.

Take Care With Penis Skin Lightening

Every guy wants his penis skin to look its finest. Some choose for lightening the skin, however this should be done only after cautious idea.

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